This musicvideo is part of my diplomaproject I did with Florian Trube, Jan Calix, Matthias Hosp and Marc Leitner. I was responsible for set construction, camera, light and color grading. We wanted to build a small room in a studio in which the whole story took place. Only the room changed its appearance with some new furniture, paint on the walls and lighting.

The Whaleking

High Transition

In this project I was responsible for the Video shooting and editing. The costumes and locations were organized by the Band High Transition and had a big influence on the mood of the video. The band and instruments were placed between trees in a forest. This created stunning pictures and fitted their song perfectly.



Austrian musician Average and David Raddish wanted to create a musicvideo where the actual lockdown situation was a small part of it. Instead of working with other actors or statists we decided to use mannequins to represent the current Covid situation. They were placed in daily situations while the artist is driving through the city to create the feeling that the time has stopped.