FPV Aerials

What is FPV?

With FPV drones we can create stunning perspectives and tracking shots of any moving object which were never possible before. Its nearly like seeing the world through a bird’s eye which creates a feeling of freedom and tension which you can feel through your screen. FPV Drones are normally used for racing or freestyle flying but in combination with a high-quality camera it’s the perfect tool for cinematic aerials and tracking shots.

With my specially built mini drones, we can also fly through tight spaces or even close to people without endangering them. But we also get amazing quality from the small drones.
Below you can find more information and technical specifications about the video quality we are able capture:




Sound Design

A big part of FPV aerials is fitting music and sound design. With the right music and sound effects we create an even more intense feeling for the viewer. 

For example, in this video Matthias Hosp specially produced the music for this two-minute flight around an abandoned factory and added sound effects for a realistic experience. Enjoy the flight!

Video quality

5.3K 60FPS

At the moment I mostly use the GoPro Hero 8 and GoPro Hero 10 on the FPV drones which means I’m capable of capturing up to 5.3k in 60fps and 4k in 120fps for really smooth slow-motion tracking shots.


The GoPro Hero 8 is specially modified to be as light weighed as possible using a custom designed 3d printed enclosure. Because of that we are able to get such high-quality video with the small FPV drone while still keeping it agile in the air.

Vertical Video

It’s also possible to mount the GoPro vertically on the drones to produce amazing content especially for social media.

Your Idea

Together we can make your vision reality! Capturing stunning helicopter like aerial shots, precise movement in interior spaces or fast-moving subjects like vehicles or extreme athletes, the possibilities with our FPV drones is nearly limitless.

I would love to answer any open questions so we can capture stunning pictures together!

Your Idea

As you can see, there is nothing impossible with FPV drones.

So let me hear your idea so we can capture stunning pictures together!